Catatan 1

I have a lovely and very pretty daughter name Graciauli (2 year 6 month). The name was a combination of Grace and Uli. Which Grace is a gift, and Uli is a Bataknesse for beauty. So, we (me and my wife) though of her as the most beautiful gift that God has gave to us.

Anyway, yesterday (Oct 2, 2012) I have a good laugh hearing from what she had done. Gracia always loved to play with my tablet.

But, many-many times the programs load so slow. And I told to to wait by saying “….tunggu dulu sayang, lagi loading” (please wait…honey. It still loading)

Sometimes, when we play with my laptop, the programs loading take times. And again, I said to her “….tunggu dulu sayang, lagi loading”.

And, yesterday afternoon, my wife take her to do her daily routine, “buang air besar” aka “mao PUB MAMA”.

After my wife take her to the bathroom, she wait next to her.

‘cos there is nothing happen, my wife get suspicious that this only excuses from my daughter to play with water.

Tired of waiting, she said to Gracia “Kaka Gracia, cepetan donk PUB-nya. koq ga kluar-kluar. Bohong yah”.

And Gracia said to her  “….tunggu dulu MAMA, lagi loading nih”.

and….brut pret pret pret.

We were laughing together.


Project # 1 – Folk Tale

Jaka Tarub dan 7 Bidadari

Jaka Tarub dan 7 Bidadari

Jack’s Angel

Opening (Gamelan playing 10-15 second from my tablet + portable speaker)

(this paragraph with tembang Jawa style)

Once upon a time (tapping the table with rhythm :tok toktok tok tok) there lived a young man who lived with his mother in a village near a forest. His name is Jaka Tarub. To be simple, I call him Jack (tok toktok tok tok).

Jack is a hardworking farmer from his childhood. Without a father, he needs to work his rice field for his mother and himself. After he was matured, he was built himself a body like any L-Men finalist.  With a face like Christian Sujiono or Tora Sudiro, no wonder he became every girls dream in his village. Continue reading

BM#10 Inspire Your Audience

Officers of Putra Pengabdi


Ladies and gentleman, fellow toastmasters, let’s imagine, (pause) we were in the afternoon after teaching  4, 6 or 8 periods, and our energy have been drained. We were exhausted.  (Closing eyes and whisper) Just imagine what would you like to have? A nice cup of our favorite coffee and tea, a soft music playing in our computer or music player, and maybe, just maybe…a soft and tender sofa in change of our hard and a little comforting chair in our office. AND suddenly, one or two students came with any good news “Sir, I have finished my homework! Or Sir I have done your project!” or just a little chat with our” selectively favorites student with good behavior”. Continue reading

BM#9 Persuade with Power



Cheapest, yet Priceless

Ladies n gents. Ubuntu is an African saying of “I am what I am because of who we all are”, or to be simple is “I in You and You in Me”. Nelson Mandela explained Ubuntu as follows: “A traveller through a country would stop at a village and he didn’t have to ask for food or for water. Once he stops, the people give him food, entertain him”.[1] Then, Ubuntu exist not to enrich one-self, but to lift-up the entire community by the spirit of togetherness. Continue reading

My Competent Communicator

So, i have change my mind, from using this blog as my writing exercise, instead, this will be my journal from toastmaster progress.

If you don’t know about toastmaster, you can read it here.

This blog will record my speeches during the next toastmaster session. but for several post, it would be only from my previous module: Competent Communicator.

In my competent communicator (which I has finished in TWO YEARS May 10, 2012 and yes you may say that i am a slow and stupid learner) there are 10 speeches to prepare. They are: (hope I am not forgotten) Continue reading

The Story of Jack’s Angel – extended – Part 1

Hello dunia.

Tadi siang abis selesain Project 1 ~ Storytelling dengan judul Jack’s Angel, jadi kepengen bikin versi sendirinya tentang si Jack. Jack’s Angel sih sebenarnya bercerita tentang Jaka Tarub dan Nawang Wulan (udah tau kan ceritanya). Legenda dari Mataram sana. Dimana si Jaka Tarub (Yang dirubah jadi Jack karena speech dalam bahasa inggris) karena nyuri bajunya Nawang Wulan, trus Nawang jadi istrinya dan karena ketahuan akhirnya si Jack ditinggal pulang Nawang ke Nirwana.

Coba bikin versi berbeda ah, jadi Jack bukan ditinggal Nawang. Begini ceritanya.
Semenjak Jaka Tarub (JT) menikah dengan Nawang Wulan (NW), bawaan si JT selalu BT. Bukan karena si NW yang sebagai bidadari super cantik dunia-akherat banyak maunya, tapi karena si NW banyak yang mau-in. Continue reading